How to install C

1. How to Install CodeBlocks 17.12


2) Run the downloaded installer. Accept the default options.

3) Verify the Compiler’s and Debugger’s Path: (For CodeBlocks 13.12 For Windows) Goto “Settings” menu ⇒ “Compiler…” ⇒ In “Selected Compiler”, choose “GNU GCC Compiler” ⇒ Select tab “Toolchain Executables” ⇒ Check the “Compiler’s Installation Directory”. It shall be set to the “MinGW” sub-directory of the CodeBlocks installation directory, for example, suppose that CodeBlocks is installed in “c:\Program Files\codebloc”c:\Program Files\codeblocks\MinGW”.

2. Writing C/C++ Programs in CodeBlocks


3. Code Example

        int main ()
              printf("Hello World");

              return 0;


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