abstract Keyword Java

abstract Keyword Java

abstract keyword is used to achieve abstraction in Java. it’s use to create abstract class and method.

  • abstract class is to contain abstract methods
  •  contain non-abstract methods
  • must used abstract keyword
abstract class Employee  
    abstract void work();  


  • An abstract keyword cannot be use with variables and constructors.
  • If a class is abstract, it cannot be instantiated.
  • If a method is abstract, it doesn’t contain the body.
  • We cannot use the abstract keyword with the final.
  • We cannot declare abstract methods as private.
  • We cannot declare abstract methods as static.

Example code

abstract class Animal
    abstract void cat();  
class dog extends Animal
    void cat() {  
        System.out.println("cat running");  
public class AbstractExample1 {  
    public static void main(String[] args) {  
    dog  obj=new dog();  


cat running
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