Truth Tables Python

Truth Tables Python

Today is the day you start learning about logic. Up to this point, you have done everything you possibly can, reading and writing files to the Terminal, and have learned quite a lot of the math capabilities of Python.

From now on, you will be learning logic. You won’t learn complex theories that academics love to study but just the simple basic logic that makes real programs work and that real programmers need every day.

Learning logic has to come after you do some memorization. I want you to do this exercise for an entire week. Do not falter. Even if you are bored out of your mind, keep doing it. This exercise has a set of logic tables you must memorize to make it easier for you to do the later exercises.

Truth Tat

In Python we have the following terms (characters and phrases) for determining if something is “True” or “False.” Logic on a computer is all about seeing if some combination of these characters and some variables is True at that point in the program.

  • and
  • or
  • not != (not equal)
  • == (equal)
  • >= (greater- than- equal)
  • <= (less- than- equal)
  • True
  • False

You actually have run into these characters before, but maybe not the phrases. The phrases (and, or, not) actually work the way you expect them to, just like in English.


NOT                True?
not                False True
not                True False


OR                    True?
True or False         True
True or True          True
False or True         True
False or False        False


AND                   True?
True and False        False
True and True         True
False and True        False
False and False       False


NOT OR                     True?
not (True or False)        False
not (True or True)         False
not (False or True)        False
not (False or False)       True


NOT AND                   True?
not (True and False)      True
not (True and True)       False
not (False and True)      True
not (False and False)     True

Can’t I just learn the concepts behind boolean algebra and not memorize this?

Sure, you can do that, but then you’ll have to constantly go through the rules to boolean algebra while you code. If you memorize these fi rst, it not only builds your memorization skills but also makes these operations natural. After that, the concept of boolean algebra is easy. But do whatever works for you